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Noble Grape Wines was founded in 1992, with the idea of presenting and selling quality limited production wines to distributors, restaurants and retail stores. As importers and brokers, Noble Grape Wines represents a number of the finest limited production wineries from Italy and the Mediterranean. The Company has developed one of the finest indigenous Italian wine portfolios in the industry.

The development of Noble Grape Wines comes from Chairman, A. Lawrence Romano’s knowledge and experience as an importer of European wines. Larry found that quality wines are dependent on four major factors: soil, climate, grape variety and fallible man. Additionally, he concluded that the great wines of the world come from small vineyards. Larry founded Noble Grape Wines, with the idea that the new company would specialize only in limited production, quality wines to be sold in fine restaurants and retail stores. As his children Nancy, Robert and John became more actively involved in the business, the focus on which ’kinds’ of wines developed into something more specific. They found that they shared the idealism of their father and even more so, wanted to express his conception of how quality wines should be made; as expressed by a set of criteria acting as guidelines for the kinds of wines they would seek out.

Their legacy is a lifestyle deeply connected to their relationships to their father, their family, the land, the people and the products (wine), and the methods of production, in addition to their inspired perspectives from extensive travel. As contextual and innovative purveyors, they have a deep reverence for old world tradition and a healthy consideration for both the present and the future.

Our vision is to take an innovative step forward to develop the Noble Grape Wines philosophy into an immersive lifestyle brand. Following the same principles which have served our wholesale business well for over 30 years, we will grow into a cutting-edge and cohesive ecosystem of products, services and experiences.

"The quality of the wine is in the soil,

climate, Noble Grape and fallible man."

- A. Lawrence Romano




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